Terry Conners Rink

1125 Cove Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06902 - 203.977.4728

Terry Conners Ice Rink, owned and operated by the City of Stamford, is located at Cove Island Park, 1125 Cove Road, in Stamford, CT. The Rink's skaters and spectators total over 250,000 visit per year. This family oriented traffic will provide exceptional exposure for advertisers. Also, advertising revenue will help support our Youth Programs who call Terry Conners Rink, a non-profit entity, their skating home.  AD SPECIFICATIONS.


Advertisement Space One Side on rink boards or bleacher wall $1,250.00
Advertisement Space Both Sides on rink boards or bleacher wall  (2 Ads) $2,200.00
* In Ice Full Center Circle, 1 Year $1,250.00
* In Ice Neutral Zone Space, 1 Year $750.00
* Available for Local Youth Groups/Schools Only  

Production of Sign is Responsibility of the Advertiser

Ad can be up to 33 inches high by 96 inches long