Terry Conners Rink

1125 Cove Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06902 - 203.977.4728

2019 Winter Cycle - February 7 thru March 30, 2019 (8 weeks)

Make up week available April 4 & April 6

Must Sign up Before Classes Start on Feb. 7

The lesson is 25 minutes and their is a practice time available for skaters on the day of their class. Thursday class students can practice from 6:15 to 7:10pm. Saturday class students can practice from 11:25am to 12:20pm.  Usually tots and snowplow sam skaters do not practice after their lesson, so please be patient and hopefully after a cycle or two they will want to stay for the practice time.

TOT CLASS  for 3 year old beginners who have never skated before.

  • Thursdays 5:50-6:15pm
  • Saturdays 10:30-10:55am

Snowplow Sam Classes for 4 & 5 year olds

SNOWPLOW SAM 1 - Beginners who have never skated or who took one cycle of lessons

  • Thursdays 5:50-615pm
  • Saturdays 11:00-11:30am

SNOWPLOW SAM 2 - for skaters who passed Snowplow Sam 1

  • Thursdays 5:50-6:15pm
  • Saturdays 11:00-11:25am

SNOWPLOW SAM 3 - for skaters who passed Snowplow Sam 2

  • Thursdays 6:20-6:45pm
  • Saturdays 11:00-11:25am

SNOWPLOW SAM 4 - for skaters who passed Snowplow Sam 3

  • Thursdays 6:20-6:45pm
  • Saturdays 11:30-11:55am